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About Regal World School

Welcome to Regal World School, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Established in 2020, one of the best schools. The school has been started with a vision and mission to supply quality education to the Indian and non-Indian students. The school began its operation in February 2019 as a coeducational school for Pre-KG, KG 1 and KG 2 students and upgraded till Grade 6 in March 2020. Grade 7 will be introduced in 2020. Thereafter, every year an additional grade will be added until the school reaches grade 12. The school has a big and beautiful campus with a vast range of exotic birds, flora, and fauna. The ample greenery and fresh air help in revelation of the natural environment for the students.

Why Choose Regal World School

Regal World School´s mission is to develop and operate outstanding schools where students, through personalized learning and clears goals will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible.

Day Boarding

The school aims to provide students a more holistic experience and an opportunity to explore in greater depth, various co-curricular activities, develop life skills, and explore multiple sports.

Life Skills Program

At Regal World School, a comprehensive life-skills programme has been designed to empower learners with skills required to make them independent , emotionally grounded individuals.

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Yoga Curriculum

First of its kind initiative, the rationale behind the programme is the emotional, social, spiritual and mental growth of students that will shape their overall personality.

Kiddy Sports Program

For this, the school offers special corners, turfs and surfaces to hone the young ones’ techniques and skills in tennis, basketball, football and swimming, etc.

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Fun Learning Classes

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Brainstorming Classes

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Energy Enhancement Classes

International Advisory Board

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Dr. Morve Roshan K.

Bangor University, United Kingdom

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Dr. Cyrine Kortas.

Tunisia University, Tunisia

teacher image

David Joseph Bourke.

Coffs Harbour High School,
Sydney, Australia

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Dr. Maria Amalraj.

Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

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We give each student a foundation for personal development where self-discipline, self-knowledge, sense of responsibility and confidence in one´s own ability provide the basis for a constructive attitude, the essence of which is that “Life is what I make it”.

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Registrations Start

Registration process will start from January every year.

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Admissions Start

Admission process will start from January every year.

Regal World school began its operation in February 2020.