Academic Ethos

To emphasize and encourage the REGALIANS to make use of their aptitude and ability positively by all means is our sole target. We make the students to understand the ethos and culture of the country. We make them secular.

We believe them to be creative, professional, and moreover versatile.

Reporting and Progress

RWS has an electronic software that automatically feeds back the progress report of the students, teachers, and every REGALIAN (on the basis of continuous monitoring of board members). On behalf of the report, we promote the REGALIANS. The system gives an unbiased and satisfactory report. Every parent/guardian has the right to view the report of ones ward.


RWS has a highly effective library. The library has been established with a commitment to increase the varieties of the books on numerous of topics in the world. The motto to design the library is to provide the students a quiet and determined ambiance for study and intellectually creative thought.

Wi-fi connection enables the students to read the e-books as all other websites are blocked for the welfare of the students.


The active readers, writers, and illustrators are given the prizes in the PRIZE CEREMONY (an annual award function for the encouragement of the REGALIANS) in the end of the academic year.

Regal World School, Moradabad began its operation on 1st April, 2020.