Quality Assurance Policy

We believe in high quality education and also believe in maintaining a decorum following some policies:

  • Feedback through a questionnaire from the students, teachers, parents, and guardians.
  • Asking the students for comparison with other schools the students have attended.
  • Study exam results and the level of passes/fails.
  • Seek staff feedback through an annual survey.
  • Providing Pronunciation workshops led by professional trainers.
  • Hold regular teacher training workshops.

Curriculum Policy

  • The number of classes offered during the year will depend on student requirements.
  • Vocational classes will be offered at various times of the year including exam preparation.
  • The weekly plans are produced as a result of discussion with students and close liaison between the teachers.
  • Consequently, it is our aim to get feedback on all aspects of the studentsí experience during their time at RWS.

Exam/Test Policy

  • RWS strongly believes in regular tests or exams and the external motivation that they bring.
  • It is school policy for teachers to carry out progress tests on Monday every week and to record the results.
  • Students also take an exit test which enables overall progress to be measured.

Complaints & Discipline Policy

There is a committee of few teachers which listen to all complains and suggestions.

  • The committee aims:

For serious complaints, the student is asked to fill in a complaints form and drop it in the COMPLAINS AND SUGGESTIONS box. The head of the committee conducts a meeting to resolve problems in the best way possible.

International Advisory Committee

The International team of great scholars enriches and enhances the quality of school. There is a committee of seven members of advisory board. The members belong to different countries as follow:

  • 1.-
  • 2.-
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Regal World school began its operation in February 2020.